Drywall Profile Forming Machine Ceiling Profile and Wall Angle

Drywall Profile Forming Machine is designed to produce non load-bearing partitions in galvanized steel. It has a wide range of applications, from small and residential needs to large commercial and industrial aplications. Using start-stop technology, these machines can make 8 profiles that make up all the basic metal frames for plasterboard walls and ceilings: three different with supporting stud and track (e.g. 48, 70 and 90mm), a ceiling profile (F530) and the relative wall angle.

Model MPDW6C12: Stud #48 #70 #90mm; Track #48 #70 #90mm

Model MPFC2C12: Ceiling Profile F530 (46.00mm); Wall Angle (30 x 25mm)

Drywall Profile Forming Machines offer high performance, low cost and long lifetime.

Operation and Maintenance:
1. Uncoiler: Mechanical uncoiling, can be adjusted to different coiler’s radius. Capacity up to 5 ton;

2. Automation System: The electric panel is easy to operate and offers the option of manual-automatic work. With the MMI (Man Machine Interface), it allows the operator to do three different programming at a time.

3. Roll set: Built in SAE 1045 steel - hard chrome plated – conferring larger durability and greater wear resistance to the rolls and optimal shape to the product. The transmission is made through chains and a 4HP motor power. Regular lubrication is required;

4. Cutting System: Automatic cutting system by hydraulic guillotine (4HP). The cutter follows perfectly the related shape, ensuring excellent finish to the workpiece;

Technical specifications

Length: 4000mm

Width: 800mm

Height: 1400mm

Weight: 1370kg

Voltage: 380V - Tri-phase

Productivity: 8.0 m/min

Total Power: 8.0 HP

Precision: 10M +-2

Plate Thickness: 0.4 - 0.75

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